The Office of Research provides broad oversight, resources, and education for compliance issues relating to the conduct of research at UCSB. Research activities are governed by a number of regulatory and compliance committees imposed by federal and state laws. Non-compliance can result in penalties to the institution and the individual. It is the responsibility of any member of the UCSB community conducting research to be familiar with university policies as they relate to these research compliance areas.

Please see this reference sheet for a list of the areas we cover, the associated web page, and email account.


Areas of Support

Research Integrity supports UC Santa Barbara in the following areas:


Meet the Research Integrity Team


Barry Rowan
Research Integrity Director
(805) 893-5292


Melodie Blakemore, CPIA
Associate Director, Research Integrity
(805) 893-4286


Monica Solorzano
Human Subjects Specialist
(805) 893-6536

Melissa Wroten
Research Integrity Specialist - IACUC
(805) 893-5855


Melissa Warren
Senior Human Subjects Coordinator - Research Integrity Specialist
(805) 893-3807


Monica Woltmon
Export Control Officer
(805) 893-4036

Nicole Foley
Conflict of Interest Analyst
(805) 893-2829

Robert Crouch
Human Subjects Specialist
(805) 893-3323