Prior to a specified submission deadline, applicants may make corrections and resubmit an application through Grants.Gov.

After a specified submission deadline, if applicants make corrections and resubmit, the application will be considered late. (NIH Policy on Late Submission of Grant Applications) In this case, applicants must include a cover letter explaining the reasons for the delay.

  1. Make whatever corrections are necessary, wherever appropriate. Most often this means that you have to edit the application forms to correct whatever problem or inconsistency was noted in the errors and/or warnings associated w/prior submission.
    • Mark the “Changed/Corrected Application” box in block 1 of the SF424 (R&R) Cover component. Note: When you check the Changed/Corrected Application box, Item 4c, Previous Tracking ID, becomes a required field.
    • If submitting after the submission date, include an explanation in the Cover Letter Component.
    • When submitting a Changed/Corrected Application for a “New” Type of Application (Item 8 = New), in the Previous Tracking ID (Item 4c) enter the tracking number of the previous application that you are correcting.
    • When submitting a Changed/Corrected Application for a “Resubmission,” “Renewal,” or “Revision” Type of Application (Item 8 = Resubmission, Renewal, or Revision), in the Federal Identifier field (Item 4a) enter the previously assigned grant number which consist of the IC and Serial number (e.g. 3R01CA123456-04S1A, should be entered as CA123456). Do not use the Changed/Corrected Application box to denote a submission of a revised or amended application. That will be indicated in item 8, Type of Application.
  2. Have the SPO submit the revised application to

The same email notifications will be issued once the agency has downloaded and validated the resubmitted application and the PD/PI and AOR/SO will once again be required to log on to the Commons either to view the application, or to review the errors and/or warnings that were encountered during validation.

The application will only be assigned for scientific review once errors are resolved.

In addition to the validations performed by the ERA system, further administrative review will be conducted by agency staff. The PD/PI and/or the applicant organization may be contacted for further corrections/clarifications.