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Write on Site

Join Write on Site for focused, positive writing spaces. Writing includes things like brainstorming ideas, conference abstracts, working on articles, incorporating reviewer comments, working on tables, grants and more (but not teaching stuff like committee reports or creating syllabi). WOS is to be supportive, fun, nonjudgmental environment with few distractions. You can stay the whole time or just come by and commit to 30 minutes of focused writing.

You are invited to join any of the Summer 2018 weekly scheduled Write On Site sessions listed below.

Monday: 9-12pm, faculty reading room in the library, hosted by Patricia Fancher and Micaela Díaz-Sánchez

Tuesday: 9-12pm, faculty reading room in the library, hosted by Inés Casillas, Karen Lunsford, and Heather Steffen

Wednesday: 9-12am, 2824 Ellison Hall hosted by the Research Development Team: Barbara Walker, Brandon Fastman, Andrea Stith, Danielle Chandler (free coffee too!)

Thursday: 9-11am, Green Star coffee in SB Public Market, hosted by Melissa Morgan

SIGN UP for weekly reminders. Start by signing up for the WOS sessions that work best for you. Here's a super easy short form

For more information, feel free to contact the Write on Site coordinator, Dr. Patricia Fancher

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