How will I know if I am required to take this training?

You will receive an email from the Office of Research.

Why am I being assigned this training?

The federal National Science Foundation (NSF) requires that at a minimum, all undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral scholars supported by NSF grants receive education in the responsible conduct of research. Under UCSB’s implementation of the NSF requirements, all individuals supported by a grant that is subject to this requirement are expected to complete this course.

How often must this training be completed?

You are only required to take the online training once, however you are encouraged to attend the ethics seminar series and to receive one-on-one mentorship from your faculty advisor.

I was assigned this training but think I should be exempt because I am not working on an NSF-supported research project. Who do I contact?

This training requirement applies to any undergraduate, graduate student or postdoctoral scholar who has conducted research and has received support from a NSF grant that was awarded after January 4, 2010.  Even if you are no longer supported by a NSF award, this training requirement still applies.  Please contact Melodie Blakemore at (805) 893-4286 or

Is there an in-person equivalent course that I can take instead?

At present, there is no in-person equivalent course available. The Office of Research does present scheduled lectures in the Responsible Conduct of Research to augment this required course.

Will this work with my computer/browser?

Yes, CITI should work with all modern computers and browsers.

I don't have a computer at work. How can I take the training?

If you are not assigned a computer at work, you should ask the Principal Investigator of the NSF grant on which you are working to provide you with access to a computer to use to take this training.

How do I log in?

Go to

Additional login instructions are available here.