You are invited to join UCSB's Write on Site community for focused, positive writing spaces. We gather for social support and a focused atmosphere. Writing includes things like brainstorming ideas, working on articles or proposals, incorporating reviewer comments, working on tables, grants and more (but not service/teaching stuff like committee reports or grading). You can stay the whole time or just come by and commit to 30 minutes of focused writing.

This space is intended for faculty, postdocs, lecturers and anyone else post-PhD.

These are the time and days of WOS this quarter. You're welcome to come to any/all sessions. Each session has its own Google Chat channel. To receive the link to the google chat and sign up for reminder emails, please register here.

  • Mondays: 12pm-3pm in 2206 North Hall (Pellish Room) with coffee. Host: Raquel Pacheco
  • Tuesdays: 9am-12pm in 2206 North Hall (Pellish Room) with coffee. Co-hosts: Micaela Díaz Sánchez and Young Ji Kim
  • Thursdays: 8:45am-12pm in 4518 South Hall (CSI Conference Room) with coffee. Co-hosts: Inés Casillas and Dan Lane