Cayuse is a web-based software package that is designed to simplify the preparation and electronic submission of proposals. At UCSB, we use Cayuse as the submission portal for proposals that are sent to This encompasses a wide range of Federal sponsors. Cayuse is widely used, and is in use at institutions such as the University of Wisconsin, Ohio State, Texas, Oregon State, Caltech, Georgia Tech, UCLA, UCSF, UCSD, and UCR.

To reach the Cayuse Log-In Page, please type in the following link into your browser:

For questions/comments about Cayuse to the Sponsored Projects Team please send your email to

UCSB Cayuse FAQs

Please also review the Cayuse Procedures Handbook as it may answer any additional questions you have.

We do not add non-UCSB employees to Cayuse.  There are a few profiles you can use in the meantime, search "non" for non-UCSB PI's. They will act as a place holder and you can override the information with the non-UCSB key personnel information.

The naming convention is: Department/Record Number/PI Name.  Ex. ISBER20120001Thomas

This section is limited via the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), so all applicants have the exact same. Thus, there is no way to add lines. Many schools combine the roles and then describe more thoroughly within the Budget Justification.

Other Helpful Links and Tips

  • Cayuse Procedures Handbook
  • Cayuse Support Page (You will need to create an account to log-in)
  • Training videos and FAQs.  (You will need to create a log-in.)
  • 10 Quick Tips for Proposal Setup
  • NIH Specific Tip
    • When entering the PI Username/Credential, you must ensure it is correct. If it is not, it will cause an error. Cayuse cannot validate for the correctness of the user name. It only validates that the field has been completed.
    • Check the NIH Opt-Out List if you have a special FOA that does not follow the standard NIH validations. If your FOA is on this list, it is both safe and applicable to set your validation to "NIH Opt-Out". The standard errors and warnings will not be listed.

Training Modules:

Module 1: Desktop readiness

  • How to configure the browser.

Module 2: Intro to Cayuse424

  • How to login to Cayuse424.
  • How to set up user preferences.

Module 3: Professional Profiles

  • How to use Professional Profiles to streamline the proposal creation process.
  • How to provide access to other users.

Module 4: Funding Opportunities

  • How to download, manage, and use funding opportunities.

Module 5: Proposal Creation

  • How to create and navigate through a new proposal.
  • How to utilize internal proposal namining conventions and manage proposal permissions.
  • How to copy or transform a proposal.
  • How to lock and unlock a proposal.

Module 6: Proposal Basics

  • How to use the Auto-fill function, add site locations, add key personnel, and attach biosketches.

Module 7: Proposal Budgets

  • How to create and manage the budget.
  • How to replicate and escalate budget data.

Module 8: Subawards

  • How to create a subaward, link a subaward to a prime proposal, and import and export subawards.

Module 9: Attaching Documents

  • How to attach documents to your grant proposal to follow and NIH attachment guidelines.
  • How to use the "Explode" function.
  • How to attach letters of support.