Disclosure Requirements

All disclosures should be made online through the Office of Research Conflict of Interest Disclosure System - ORCOI (https://ucsb.coi-smart.com). For proposals being submitted to a federal sponsor, disclosures must be submitted at the time of proposal submission and be updated within 30 days of a change to the previous disclosure.

State of California Form

In contrast to disclosures for federally funded research, which only require annual disclosures; the state of California requires a separate disclosure each time funding is received from a non-governmental entity. Please use ORCOI to generate a Form 700-U: Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators.  When you log-in to the system choose the '700-U: Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators' from the transactional disclosures and complete the questionnaire.  When finished, you will electronically sign the disclosure by submitting the disclosure.  If necessary, the UCSB COI Coordinator will be able to generate a state approved 700-U form from your questionnaire.

**Note for Liaisons: Information requested in the form includes; funding entity, address of funding entity, amount of funding, principal business of funding entity, title of the research project and whether it is an initial (for new funding) or interim statement (for renewed funding) and dates for the receipt of funding or date that funding was renewed.

Federal Disclosures

In order to complete your disclosures online, you must be given access to ORCOI by COI staff.