Working with faculty to creatively and effectively secure extramural funding from early career fellowships to large center grants, our team ensures that our campus is a vibrant, competitive, cutting-edge research community. We support faculty throughout the lifecycle of their academic careers, offering educational workshops and seminars, providing one-on-one proposal development consultations, organizing strategic initiatives, liaising with funders, and connecting researchers across disciplines.

Services Offered

  • Proposal Review
  • Proposal Resources
  • Funding Search Tools
  • Red Team Reviews
  • Strategic Planning for Major Initiatives

  • Center Proposal Support
  • Limited Submission Coordination
  • Faculty Consultations
  • Collaboration Toolkit
  • Sample Proposals
  • Funding Database Training
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Workshops
  • Campus Research Seminars Calendar

Meet the Team

The Research Development team offers a variety of tools and resources to help faculty identify opportunities for research, scholarly and creative activities.

Barbara Walker
Director of Research Development for Social Sciences

Andrea Stith
Director of Research Development, Science & Engineering

Maria Napoli
Director of Research Development, Biological Engineering, Science & Technology

Associate Director of Research Development, Humanities, Fine Arts & Education

Danielle Chandler 
Associate Director of Research Development, Science & Engineering

Kelly Pillsbury
Research Development & Funding Opportunities Specialist

Fundamentals Newsletter

Research Development sends out a monthly newsletter, Fundamentals, with the latest campus and agency announcements, current limited submissions, events, and more.