The FDP Expanded Clearinghouse is a system that publishes online organizational profiles for use instead of using/asking for a subrecipient commitment form.  Pass-Through Entities (PTE) utilize this publicly-available information when issuing subawards and/or monitoring subrecipient organizations.

UCSB is part of this nationwide program to streamline the exchange of institutional information collected from potential subrecipient institutions. As a result of UCSB’s participation in this program, the documentation required of potential subrecipient institutions included in UCSB proposals (Outgoing Subawards) and of UCSB when acting as a subrecipient on another institution’s proposal (Incoming Subawards), have changed as described below.

Documentation Requirements for Subrecipients Included in UCSB Proposals (Outgoing Subawards)

As of March 1, 2021, institutions participating in this program are no longer required to complete the Subrecipient Commitment Form (UCSB/OR SK Form 100) when proposing to participate in a UCSB project as a subrecipient. Instead, participating institutions need only to provide project specific data (Subrecipient PI name, project period, total amount requested, cost share amount, authorized signature, compliances, etc.) via the Subrecipient Commitment Form - Short Form (UCSB/OR SK Form 100).  A list of participating program organizations can be found at the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Program website.

Potential subrecipient institutions who are not part of the program are still required to complete the Subrecipient Commitment Form (UCSB/OR SK Form 100)

Documentation Requirements when UCSB is a Subrecipient (Incoming Subawards)

When participating as a subrecipient on a proposal submitted by a fellow participating institution, the documentation expectations are reciprocal. Those preparing UCSB’s subrecipient proposal should expect to provide the PTE the same level of documentation we would expect if the roles were reversed.  Please note that institutions who are not part of the program may require additional institutional information and documentation from UCSB.

Please contact your SPO team should you have any questions.

Proposal Preparation

Documents required by SPO for review prior to endorsement of a proposal containing a Multi-Campus Agreement (MCA) or Subaward. Required for new, renewal, and supplemental proposals.

Subrecipient to provide:

Multi-Campus Award (MCA) with sister UC campus

UCSB PI to provide:

Award Stage

Close-Out Stage

To be completed by UCSB PI. Please see Notice of Subaward for list of required reports.

  • Final invoice