Working with faculty to creatively and effectively secure extramural funding from early career fellowships to large center grants, our team ensures that our campus is a vibrant, competitive, cutting-edge research community. We support faculty throughout the lifecycle of their academic careers, offering educational workshops and seminars, providing one-on-one proposal development consultations, organizing strategic initiatives, liaising with funders, and connecting researchers across disciplines.

Services Offered

  • Proposal Review
  • Proposal Resources
  • Funding Search Tools
  • Red Team Reviews
  • Strategic Planning for Major Initiatives

  • Center Proposal Support
  • Limited Submission Coordination
  • Faculty Consultations
  • Collaboration Toolkit
  • Sample Proposals
  • Funding Database Training
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Workshops
  • Campus Research Seminars Calendar

Meet the Team

Barbara Walker
Director, Social Sciences, Humanities, Fine Arts & Education

Maria Napoli
Director, Science & Engineering

Danielle Chandler 
Associate Director, Science & Engineering

Associate Director, Humanities, Fine Arts & Education

Associate Director. Biological Science & Engineering

Kelly Pillsbury
Research Development Analyst

Meghan McDonald
Research Development Analyst

Fundamentals Newsletter

Research Development sends out a monthly newsletter, Fundamentals, with the latest campus and agency announcements, current limited submissions, events, and more.