January 28, 2019

The partial government shutdown has temporarily ended. However, due to the continued uncertainty surrounding the current federal budget situation, UCSB’s Office of Research is providing the following guidance to help our campus plan for another possible partial Federal Government shutdown on February 16. 2019.

If another partial shutdown occurs, operational and administrative activities related to the federal oversight of research and its administration of grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts will again cease for these federal agencies.

Presently, the effected agencies are working to resume normal operations and address the backlog of work from the last 35 days. The National Science Foundation has published a website detailing the NSF process for resuming operations. Departments and PIs with NSF funding should review the website’s information.

Recognizing the possibility of another partial shutdown occurring, please work with your faculty, staff, and Sponsored Projects team to take whatever proactive actions may be available to help avoid or minimize problems that could arise in relation to awards. It is particularly important to submit any prior-approval requests (including no-cost extension requests, if applicable) while the government is fully open.

For information about how the shutdown could affect a specific extramural federally funded project, please see Sponsored Projects’ shutdown website and direct your questions to an officer or analyst in your Sponsored Projects team. Posted 1/28/2019

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